It's cryptic absolutely how the arrangement will work

  • rs mobile gold architect Jagex is traveling to abuse banned players by affairs the capacity of their counterfeit accounts through a new auction-style arrangement alleged "Bank Bidders."Announced at the anniversary RuneFest accident over the weekend, and best up by RockPaperShotgun, Coffer Bidders will see those bedeviled appurtenances arranged calm and awash in one way or another. It's cryptic absolutely how the arrangement will work, but Jagex says there'll be some akin of accident involved, as players will not apperceive absolutely what it is they're behest for. We're alone traveling to acquaint you a little bit about these accounts. We're traveling to acquaint you maybe the age of the accounts, what they admired to do, maybe their accomplishment levels," explained Runescape advance designer, Dave Osborne.

    "Maybe there's a raffle system, maybe it's a behest system, but ultimately one of you will win that annual and whatever is in it."Osborne explained Jagex could even actualize high-risk auctions for richer players. These sales would be live-streamed, and could see "high rollers" win big, or lose huge sums of money The Best Place to Buy Games Gold & Coins & Items. Coffer Bidders will barrage in November. Added advice will acceptable be dished out during the next Runescape dev Q&A.