In different Old School RuneScape statistics

  • In addition,Old School RuneScape gamers may also be RS Gold polled on a spread of the only of a kind continent,Zeah.If it reaches a 75% majority,the continent will previously unexplored and closed locations to the west being exposed and expanded next 365 days with the release of the Kebos Lowlands.The Kebos Lowlands will feature a ton of recent content material inclusive of adventures and sports for gamers to get their fingers on.


    Finally,Warding may also be a today's addition to Old School RuneScape.To find out extra about this new talent,head on over to the declaration post.In order to participate in the polls,Old School RuneScape gamers should head on over to the game's website.


    In different Old School RuneScape statistics,the cellular version of Old School is ready to attain on each Android and iOS on October 30.Head here to Runescape Gold find out greater! A confined individuals beta for RuneScape Mobile is likewise set to start these days.