Rocket League developers Psyonix has assured us

  • You'll acquirement Esports Tokens to Rocket League Trading get these items,agnate to the Overwatch League badge system.The prices alpha at $0.99 USD for 100 Tokens,and go up to $19.99 for 2,500 Tokens.The packs will be offered in bounded bill equivalents,as well.

    Following the move over to Epic Games,Rocket League developers Psyonix has assured us all that new agreeable is advancing to the bold this summer acknowledgment to the Rocket League Summer 2019 Roadmap.Apprehend on to get the abounding abhorrent on Rocket League Level-Up Packs,the Rocket League Part-Up System,and more.It's set to be accession bonanza summer for everyone's admired soccar game.

    Rocket League is set to accept a aboriginal item: The XP Level-Up Pack.The XP Level-Up Backpack is accepting alien to advice players absorb all of their accrued accident currency.Indeed,the XP Level-Up Backpack is advancing to Rocket League as allotment of its next appointed in-game event.

    According to the official Rocket League Summer 2019 roadmap,the next in-game accident will activate in June.This will allegedly be the bigger in-game accident to anytime hit Rocket League.We should be able to buy added items than anytime in the accident store,including the XP Level-Up Pack.

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