OSRS Fairytale II - Cure some sort of Queen: Learn Quick Guidel

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    The OSRS Fairytale II - Get rid of a Queen is a significant queat in Firaytale search serial. From this quest, you will gain antique lamp and usage of Fairy rings network. Find out the Fairytale II rapid Cure a Queen guideline and win them all.


    Guideline & walkthrough to Fairytale II - Cure some sort of Queen OSRS


    Unlock typically the Fairy Rings

    1 . Take a look at Draynor Market to speak to Jack the Master Gardener double with 5 minutes’ period of time.
    2 . Go to Fairy Nuff's grotto in Zanaris with north of the bank.
    several. Take Nuff's Healing document off the floor, right-click to study the idea.
    4. Talk to the Fairy chef at south on the bank.
    5. Head to typically the south-west area of Zanaris, look into the Rune temple sign southern region of the Cosmic altar.
    some. Talk to the Fairy Godfather in the throne room, subsequently to the Co-ordinator north on the throne room., at last for you to Fairy Fixit near the fairy ring west of the tub room.


    Curing the California king

    1 . Take Dramen staff members, and teleport using the fairy ring air, dlr, djq, ajs in order.
    2 . Talk with Fairy Nuff and Fairy Very Wise in the Northeast corner of the area.
    several. Return to Zanaris and pickpocket the Fairy Godfather, subsequently to the hideout to give Fairy Nuff the Queen's secateurs.
    4. Teleport using fairy code ckp, then hold out at the destination to pick some sort of star flower that is for you to bloom.
    5. Teleport applying fairy code dir. Get rid of a gorak for gorak claws.
    6. Return to typically the hideout and talk to fairy Nuff.
    7. Use the legend flower on your vial involving water, then use the terrain gorak claw powder up on make a magic essence cachette.
    8. Use the magic cachette on the Fairy Queen, speak with her when she gets.


    Tips for completing OSRS Get rid of a Queen


    1 . Before starting the quest, get a Dramen or Lunar staff, some sort of vial of water, in addition to pestle and mortar.

    2.It is also recommended you acquire Combat equipment and fine food, as well as Restore along with Stamina potions with you.
    several. You need to reach 40 throughout Thieving, 49 for Harvesting and 57 for Herblore.


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