Hosidius Improvements

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    Following the release of the Hosidius Rework, we've made some improvements to various content within the city. You can find the changes below:


    An incorrectly placed range icon in Hosidius has been moved.
    The Hosidius estate agent no longer wanders out of his building.
    The mud under the Hosidius house portal is no longer the wrong shade of brown.
    A typo in Logava's shop has been fixed.

    An obstructive table and chair have been removed from a building in eastern Hosidius.
    A district of Kourend has been named as Kingstown on the in-game world map, and some directions in the Queen of Thieves quest have been updated to refer to it.
    Some missing edging has been restored to an allotment in Hosidius.
    The music track 'The Forlorn Homestead' now plays at the farming patches in Hosidius, instead of 'Country Jig'.

    The cow field in northern Hosidius is now a multi-way combat zone to promote more effective bovine slaughter.