• The roars of creatures long useless are set to sound throughout RuneScape in July while using arrival of a brand-new landmass - and dinosaurs rapid to its world of Gielinor in The Land Out of Time development, Jagex today announced in a teaser trailer, available to watch listed below:


    Pulled from the ancient prior by the recently revealed villain Kerapac, the new environment involving Anachronia - The Territory Out of Time - sees people arrive on the dino-inhabited tropical island to try and track the dragonkin as he continues taking care of his mysterious and nefarious plan.


    Available for RuneScape associates, the island’s ancient banks and deadly jungles are going to be accessible to new, latest and returning players the same. Adventurers looking to follow the article over future updates call for just three skills (Mining, Smithing, and Divination) being level 50 or earlier mentioned, along with the completion of two tasks: The Needle Skips so you Are It.


    Promising many new and exciting spots to explore, along with new skilling activities, more information about The Territory Out of Time will be released during June towards launch.

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