Learn Tier-1 Comp Pèlerine & More in RS Completionist Cape Rewo

  • These days, the RS team released an initial concept of RuneScape Completionist Cape rework, featuring very of the cape, removal of older capes like Master Pursuit Cape, and addition of recent caps like Tier-1 Workers comp cape and Tire-3 Workers comp cape. Buy Cheap RuneScape 3 gold from us and also prepare for the changes.


    Addition regarding Tier-1 Comp Cape, Tier-2 Comp Cape, Tier-3 Workers comp Cape
    To balance the particular overwhelming utility and stat benefits of the Completionist pèlerine, the team has decided to delegate achievements into 3 several tiers under 6 completely new categories. In each type, there will be a specific cape to help unlock for achievements more than likely is each different tier. In particular, all achievements in Collection 1 Skill will open Tier-1 Skill Cape, triumphs in Tier 2 Proficiency unlock Tier-2 Skill Pelisse, and achievements in Collection 3 Skill, the hardest Proficiency tire, will unlock Tier-3 Skill Cape. And inside of each tier of a fulfillment category, there will be a scopo achievement. Completing all some meta achievements in one collection will grant you a precise Comp Cape (like Tier-1 Comp cape for all some meta achievements in collection 1).


    Removal of RuneScape Get better at Quest Cape & cold of Comp cape

    The development of new capes will bring change to in-game achievements, making the Comp cape and also other associated capes out of employ. As a result, the Quest Plaid, Master Quest Cape along with Max Cape will be swapped out by capes in Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3. When you have got the old capes, you could possibly turn to the team for reimbursement.

    As for the Comp cape as well as its trimmed version, they will stay in game, but as “Legacy” edition and renamed. The two pelisses after “freezing” will be recharacterized with the following features.

    1. Their existing requirements is going to be remained, and remained exactly the same thereafter.
    2 . They can be obtained and equipped.
    3. They will no longer have statistics or non-stat benefits.


    It's a good time to enjoy and relax at runescape game.

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