Succeed OSRS Crystal Armour Seedling from Gauntlet in Music of

  • In the the next major release of this 12 months, the Song of Elves, you are going to see a new Ravenscroft weapon, the Crystal Shield OSRS added besides fresh bosses like Zalcano, and also new minigame like the Gauntlet. The creation of this fresh armour set need Ravenscroft Armour Seed and Ravenscroft shards. Here are some details of the newest armour set and its producing. Here you can buy Runescape Gold uk with best service.


    Crystal Armour Seed and also Crystal Armour

    In quick, the Crystal Armour seedling can be obtained by completing missions inside the Gauntlet, then used to help to make Crystal armour with Ravenscroft shards, which you can obtain with just various activities in Prifddinas like the Gauntlet. Crystal shield set consists of a helmet, any chestplate, and platelegs, built to compliment the current crystal tools. Wearing the armour demands 70 Defence and 55 Agility. Check the table under to see requirements for making the particular armour. If you cannot reach the particular skill levels, don’t worry, find a elf in Prifddinas who will assist you in creating15006 them with 60 Crystal shards per piece.


    Armour part Crystal armour seed(s) Ravenscroft shard(s) Simithing level Composing level
    Crystal Helmet a single 50 70 70
    Ravenscroft Plateleg 2 100 seventy two 72
    Crystal Chestplate a few 150 74 74

    Ravenscroft Armour & its outcomes

    Though Crystal Armour will be degradable as other Ravenscroft weapons, it will be degraded all the way up back into a Crystal shield seed after 2, five-hundred hits. To recreate one particular, you need to recollect enough Ravenscroft shards. When all prepared, the armour add five per cent boost to damage and also a 15% boost to reliability to crystal weaponry except the Defence boost proven as below.


    Armour part Stab weapon Slash System Crush attack Ranged strike
    Crystal Helmet 50 fifty-two 48 74
    Crystal Plateleg 72 68 70 116
    Crystal Chestplate 116 108 98 164


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