Kebos Graphical Changes and also other Fixes

  • This week's video game update sees the release associated with multiple changes and repairs following feedback from the launch of the Kebos Lowlands. At the same time, we are still collecting suggestions from the recent poll weblog and will use it to write some sort of revised version expected to always be live on Friday before polling the suggestions in sport, this blog will include proposed becomes Konar's loot table.


    Graphic Changes


    Brimstone Boots


    Typically the Brimstone Boots have been current to look more like boots!


    Brutally Gloves


    The Ferocious Mitts now cover the players' hands and the inventory product has been updated to show this particular.


    Seed Boxes


    The visual for seed boxes provided with contracts in the Harvesting Guild has been updated.


    Harvesting Guild Doors


    In response to people reporting a bottleneck appearing at the doors within the Harvesting guild, they now use a screen system. Before you pass through, Guildmaster Jane will check anyone meet the Farming level specifications for that part of the Guild as well as admit or refuse a person entry.


    Fishing and the Fantastic Tench


    Golden Tench Tendon


    The negative stats that every fun weapons usually have had been added to the Golden tench to ensure safe slapping all over.


    Animation Snapping


    While several tick fishing, players used a snapping animation to support with their timing which was taken off with the release of equippable fishing rods. This has been re-implemented.


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