The Knight's Sword

  • Starting

    The location of Sir Vyvin's squire.

    Items required: (suggested Falador teleport)

    You start this specific quest by talking to the Squire in the White Knights' Fort in Falador. The Squire will tell you he lost Friend Vyvin's sword, and feel the need you to help him buy a new toothbrush. He will tell you to talk to Reldo, Varrock's librarian.

    Note: In case you have completed The Giant Dwarf, you could skip talking to Reldo and also go straight to Thurgo. (Your figure will mention to the squire that they already know an Imcando dwarf)


    Go to Varrock Construction, and go to the far upper room on the ground floor on the palace to find Reldo. Question Reldo about Imcando dwarves. He will tell you that one can be found south of Port Sarim. If you haven't already built or bought a redberry quiche, do it now. Members can buy a single from Romily Weaklax from the Cooks' Guild just western world of Varrock (entry calls for level 32 in Preparing food and a chef's hat) (note: if you are an Ironman and have an affordable Cooking level it is necessary to get the materials to make multiple pies in case you burn up one). When you have one, carry on and Port Sarim and then scalp south.

    Note: You have to talk with Reldo before you talk to Thurgo.


    Thurgo the Imcando little


    Items required: Redberry quiche, suggested Falador teleport or maybe fairy ring (aiq) (teleport to Pest Control by using minigame teleports is more rapidly than walking)

    You should sent straight to a small house on the side of any hill with a red affirmation mark. Look for Thurgo, who may be an Imcando dwarf. Question him if he would similar to some redberry pie. He will probably take the one you have along with eat it. Talk to him or her again to ask him in regards to the sword. He says he will probably need a picture of it. Therefore , go back to Falador and talk with the Squire again.


    Finding the picture
    Items required: non-e

    Note: You have to talk to typically the Squire first before searching for typically the portrait.


    You must go talk with the squire again which will tell you that Sir Vyvin has a portrait in his place. From the courtyard of the Bright Knights' Castle in Falador, go east through a few doors, and then up the corporate. Go west through the front door and then through another home and up the stairs. Sir Vyvin's room will be directly southern region of you. Open along with search the cupboard on the inside his room. You will have a portrait that shows typically the sword. However , Sir Vyvin will stop you if they are in the room. There are four solutions to avoid this:

    Have a pal talk to Sir Vyvin whilst you open and search typically the cupboard. You can also wait for Mister Vyvin to be out of the filing cabinet room if you don't have friend next to.
    Open the door to the room and wait for him or her to walk out.

    Have the front door open, and wait close to the cupboard. When Mister Vyvin walks behind the entranceway, quickly search the filing cabinet.

    The cupboard is explored while Sir Vyvin is simply not looking towards the player.
    Once you have typically the portrait, you're done with White Knight's Castle for the moment.


    Getting the iron bars (optional)

    Note: If you already have only two iron bars (4 if you wish your own sword), or certainly will buy them, skip this aspect. Bring food for all a number of of the alternative options listed below.


    If you don't already have the straightener bars, you can get them simply by buying them from the Fantastic Exchange. Make sure you bring them giving up cigarettes going to Thurgo next, mainly because it saves you a trip to a near by bank. If you're an Ironman, and you wish to obtain these people without buying or Smithing, you have 4 options. The initial three involve killing (so at least the ability to survive some sort of fight is necessary), the past one involves a trip to typically the Wilderness.


    Killing dwarves


    Website is to kill Dwarves, take a look at either the ground floor or maybe beneath the Dwarven Mines to get groups between combat levels 10 & 14, that are fitted with a rare chance of dropping a single iron bar.


    Killing helps make pirates

    The second one is to take foodstuff from your bank, go to Thurgo without iron bars, discussing with him, heading to the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon on the mountain nearby and killing typically the Pirates there, as they have got a rare chance of dropping a single iron bar. They have a battle level of 26, and can be quickly safespotted.


    Killing white knights in combat

    The third one is to go to the Bright Knight's Castle, bring a number of Magic (they have a weak spot to Magic) or Ranged gear, and safespot Bright Knights on the second floors of the castle, in the jail-like room. Compared to the Pirate-option earlier mentioned, this requires more effort to acquire there and to kill just a single one, but the drop rate involving iron bars for Bright Knights (level 36, 35 and 42; not the extent 39 ones) is abnormal instead of rare, and they could drop max. 2, as an alternative to one. That makes it a viable solution if you want to save time. They actually have twice as many hitpoints compared to Pirates, so a superior combat level (45+) recommended.

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