Revenant Caves details

  • The Revenant Caves, also known as the Forinthry Dungeon, are a set of caverns found in the Wilderness. Accessible to members only, it is an extremely dangerous cave that ranges from level 17 to 40 Wilderness and is mostly a multicombat area; only the exits and the nearby area are Single-way combat.


    The caves serve as a refuge for dragons, all kinds of demons, and even the vicious revenants. There are two entrances—one in level 17 Wilderness, east of Bandit Camp and Dark Warriors' Fortress, and the other in level 40 Wilderness, south-east of the Lava Maze.


    Players doing Wilderness Slayer assignments may find the caves useful as all the monsters are potential tasks. Players who wield the Amulet of avarice will find that all drops from the cavern's inhabitants will also be in noted form at the cost of being permanently skulled while it is equipped.


    A dwarf multicannon can be placed in the dungeon, but not in the revenants area.

    Revenant Caves location

    Revenant Caves entrance locations

    WARNING: The entire area counts as the Wilderness. Players will be able to attack you here.



    To get to the caves, players will have to traverse the Wilderness. Aside from simply walking there, there are some other options:

    Revenant cave teleport, which teleports the player to the level 40 entrance.
    Burning amulet, can take players to the level 17 Wilderness entrance via the Bandit Camp option, or the level 40 entrance via the Lava Maze option.
    Wilderness Obelisks can take players to both entrances.
    Carrallangar Teleport, or the equivalent teleport tablet, takes players to the Graveyard of Shadows, close to the level 17 entrance.
    Canoeing to the Wilderness will take players close to the level 40 entrance.


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