Skills necklace

  • A new skills necklace is a dragonstone necklace that has been enchanted together with the Lvl-5 Enchant spell. If charged, a worn capabilities necklace provides a slight raise to the chance of finding a casket whilst fishing with a significant net.


    The skills necklace is usually recharged by using on the représentation pole in the Legends' Guild giving it four charges, as well as on the Fountain of Rune in the Wilderness giving it six to eight charges. Note that the player necessitie completed Legends' Quest to achieve this. Alternatively, the Recharge Dragonstone Lunar spell can be forged giving it four charges, requesting the Fremennik Hard Diaries to use.



    The ring can carry up to some charges (six if refilled at the Fountain of Rune), each of which can be used to teleport to the entrances of one of 5 locations:

    The Fishing Guild in Hemenster

    The Gold mining Guild in Falador

    Often the Crafting Guild southwest connected with Falador and north connected with Rimmington

    The Cooking Guild west of Varrock

    Often the Woodcutting Guild in Good Kourend's Hosidius House

    Much like the other enchanted pieces of dragonstone jewellery, the teleports of an skills necklace can be used with up to level 30 Desert, instead of level 20, the typical limit for teleportation. Nevertheless , the skills necklace, being a little bit of jewellery that focuses on non-combat skills, gives no fights impotence bonuses.

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