Hardcore Outlaw Country on Youtube

  • "Part hippy, a little redneck, I'm always the suspect." Keven Fowler

    I don't mean to be scaring decent folks like you and me, a proper country song will tear
    your heart out and hang it from the chandeliers in the union hall. Those few experts who
    dispute the originality of modern, cross over country will stand up and tell ya Chris Cornell
    of Audioslave writes better country songs than the masses of washed out, glossed over
    wanna- a -be's who pretend to be something they might not be for the sake of a label.
    I plead the fifth, because I Iike it all. I also liked one life hack that I learned in this article "Split Album-Sized MP3 Files into Individual Songs with Mp3Splt".



    Outlaw country, what the heck is it? Truthfully, pure outlaw country at it's finest, many of the
    song titles I can't post on-line and still come across as respectable. What we have here today
    are some of the ones you can play for your mama if your mama is barefoot and open minded.
    And I hope she is cause if she aint you gettin' a whoopin'. 

    I was struck by the facts in this articleYoutubers: Take Them with a Grain of Salt.

    Look up Elizabeth Cook on Youtube for hardcore she country, one hundred percent honest lyrics
    and funny too and Miranda Lambert fits this category as well.

    Outlaw country, before you say this aint your daddy's country, Johnny Cash anyone?
    I'm not closing a lot of doors on this one. It would hardly be hardcore country if we put up too
    many fences. So, let the cows graze and the coyotes howl.
    And nobody says, Love You like Jack Ingram. To best define outlaw country give it a listen.



    Youtube Outlaw Country

    Johnny Cash:

    San Quentin [Live From Prison]

    Boy Named Sue

    Folsom Prison

    God's Gonna Cut You Down

    Waylon Jennings :

    Are You Sure Hank Done It
    This Way

    I've Always Been Crazy

    Shooter Jennings:
    It Aint Easy

    Hank Williams The Third :

    My Sweet Love Aint Around

    If The Shoe Fits Wear It

    Lookin' For A Mountain

    Up Against The Wall

    Redneck Mother
    Jerry Jeff Walker

    Country Music Hall of Pain
    Rattlesnake Annie

    Lyle Loveit :

    If I Had A Boat

    She's No Lady

    Nobody Knows Me

    Never Called Me By My Name
    David Allan Coe

    Jamey Johnson :


    Between Jennings and Jones

    The Ballad of Davey Crockett
    Kentucky Headhunters

    Snake Farm
    Ray Wylie Hubbard

    Indigo Girls

    Kevin Folwer :

    Long Line Of Loosers

    Cheaper To Keep Her

    Bait and Ammo

    Hard Man To Love

    Gary Allan:

    Alright Guy

    What's On My Mind

    Mama Tried
    Merle Haggard

    Hot Rod Lincoln
    Asleep At The Wheel

    This Cowboy's Hat
    Chris Ledoux

    Intentional Heartache
    Dwight Yoakam

    You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
    Patty Loveless

    Mamas Don't Let Your Babies
    Grow Up To Be Cowboys
    The Highway Men

    Kris Kristofferson :

    Why Me Lord

    Loving Her Was Easier

    Jesus Was A Capricorn

    Law Is For Protection
    Of The People

    If You Don't Like Hank Williams

    Long Haired Country Boy
    Charlie Daniels

    It Aint Me Babe
    Bob Dylan

    "Be careful of something that's just what you want it to be." Waylon