Pioneer CDJ 200 Cd/ Mp3 Player

  • I purchased a brand new pair of Pioneer CDJ 200s over a year ago and they have held up to the Pioneer name brand. Sleek styling, durability and numerous features make these an excellent choice for any DJ to buy. The platter is more sensitive to the touch than other CD decks, but is easy to get used to (if you start out using these, switching to other less sensitive decks is a lot easier). The only feature these decks lack is a vinyl control option.

    Read also interesting facts The Zen Stone -The Definition of MP3 Player Broadens. Other than that, they are loaded with features (Jet, Zip and Wah). The features are activated by a button and their speed is controlled by the platter. There is also to option to create your own loops or use an automated 4 beat loop which you select the start point of.

    Technical aspects. The Pioneer CDJ 200 is a great functioning piece of DJ equipment. Its platter control is excellent and its pitch level stays true most of the time.

    See also recommendations What to Look for when Buying a MP4 or MP3 Player on EBay. There are 2-3 spots on the pitch level where it will shift without you touching it, but over time you will learn where these are and can anticipate a change in pitch. The effects (Jet, Zip and Wah) are fun to play with, but aren't the best substitute for effects on a mixer. The Jet is the one I commonly used (it is similar to a flanger effect on a mixer) and it comes in a bit too loud for my taste. There also isn't a volume control for the effects like there is on most mixers. The Wah is similar to a filter effect on some mixers, but is nice because you can control the level a lot easier. The wah takes away the high or the low level of the track (depending on which way the platter is rotated) so you have more control over how much of the level it takes out. The zip effect changes the tempo of the track. I find it useless as it disturbs the dance floor and if you want to increase or decrease the tempo you should use the pitch level. There is also the feature to create a 4 beat loop as well as creating your own length of loop.


    The Pioneer CDJ 200 is a great CD/mp3 player for any serious DJ to start with. It is very durable and loaded with features. It truly lives up to the name brand Pioneer.