Barack Obama and the YouTube Pledge of Allegiance Video

  • Is it true that Barack Obama does not salute the American flag during the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner? If so, how much of an American Patriot is he? Can he be trusted with the country's well-being?


    I left a note earlier today on AC Producer Mike White's article "Would You Trust a President Barack Obama...", pointing people toward this video, converted from youtube to mp3 320kbps worth a thousand words on YouTube, where Obama appears to be standing in defiance of everyone else on the podium and refusing to salute the American flag during the National Anthem.


    Then I thought, can we trust the video? I decided to check it out on (the website that explores true and false rumors). It is apparently a true occurrence. I'm not a big Obama fan, but...


    Giving Obama the Benefit of the Doubt


    However, does also have other photos in which Obama has his hand correctly placed at other events, and gives him benefit of the doubt that perhaps he didn't raise it as soon as others or put his hand down before others.


    Some people think the right hand only needs to be over our hearts while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. But the U.S. Flag Code 3:171 amp; 3:172, says it's supposed to be done during both the Pledge and the National Anthem. It says American citizens are supposed to face the flag with hand over heart unless they are in military uniform. So at the very least, the video does make it appear that Obama showed disrespect for his Fellow Americans who believe this should be done, and for the U.S. Flag Code, which a senator should know.


    Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. Obama has already said he thinks diplomacy with terrorists could still work. Right. You can sit down and talk nicely to these guys. It just gives them more credibility in the world's eyes. The terrorists must be laughing if they've seen this video. . Obama sort of makes a fiasco of our whole election process by doing this in front of them.


    Our motions do often speak what's in our hearts. So for those who feel my words in my Comment to Mike White about Obama's actions were a little sensational, I can tell you I'm not an Obama fan but I was also willing to read what this Obama campaign site had to say about the incident, and about Obama's patriotism. But in the long run, many people are writing both good and bad about each candidate with more research than I have time for, so I will move on to other things.