Easing Your Top Cyber Security Challenges

  • Small to midsize businesses (SMBs) face common struggles in implementing effective cyber security solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the top cyber security challenges:

    Processes are too manual and informal
    Lack of skills to handle current threats
    Solutions are too complex
    Cyber security tools are difficult to use
    Lack of training
    Lack of organization-wide acceptance of a cyber security plan
    The common belief in recent years was that cyber security falls under the purview of IT — solely. Basically, cyber-related issues were handed off to a person or a small team, which were often directed to do as much as they could to protect the organization from cyber threats, but not at the risk of slowing down any of the current business processes.


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    Such a model often looks only to regulatory compliance issues and does not bring in a more holistic approach that involves a comprehensive training program. The best programs include input from every department, involve training for every individual that has access to the system, and focus on clear communication and accountability.