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  • But ICCU is still better.doorknob60 16 points submitted 2 days agoSkyward Sword was cool because the runescape 2007 goldpaths leading to the dungeons were also basically set up like dungeons.It funny that the same reason you like Skyward Sword, is the same reason a lot of people hate it. Those people will say "there is so much filler between the dungeons!" But you essentially saying the same thing, but one group likes it and one hates it.For the record,

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    Getting MQC before maxing years later, after spending WAY too long at KBD (hooray for getting KBD pet before Last Rider a few months later, after maxing, realizing that I could reset my defence, and get a whole bunch of quests reset. Even if it was short lived, I was SO excited to finally have quests to do again. Being able to replay the entire Fremmenik line, the entire Myreque line,

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