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    Welcome back, my greenhorn hackers!Now that we're familiar with the technologies, terminology, and the aircrack ng suite, we can finally start hacking Wi Fi.Our first task will be to creating an evil twin access point. Many new hackers are anxious to crack Wi Fi passwords to gain some free bandwidth (don't worry, we'll get to that), but there are so many other Wi Fi hacks that are far more powerful and put so much more at risk than a bit of bandwidth.

    What's an Evil Twin AP?The evil twin AP is an access point that looks and acts just like a legitimate AP and entices the end user to connect to our access point. Our aircrack ng suite has a tool, airbase ng, that can be used to convert our wireless adapter into an access point. This is a powerful client side hack that will enable us to see all of the traffic from the client and conduct a man in the middle attack.

    What We'll Be DoingIn this scenario, we are a private investigator. We've been asked by a client to investigate the possibility that their neighbor is downloading and selling child pornography. They've asked us to investigate and determine whether he actually is, and if so, to collect evidence.As we can see, our wireless card is operational and has been assigned wlan0. Our next step is to put our wireless card into monitor or promiscuous mode.

    Now our wireless card is capable of seeing all the wireless traffic.Step 2: Start Airdump NgOur next step is to begin capturing traffic on our wireless card. We do this by typing:bt > airodump ng mon0We can see all the wireless access points in our range along with all their vital statistics. The neighbor that we suspect of downloading and selling child porn is on an AP with the SSID "Elroy."

    Step 6: Turn Up the Power!The crucial link in the evil twin hack is to make certain that our fake AP is closer or stronger than the original or authentic AP. This could be a critical weakness when physical access is unavailable. In airports and other public places, this is no problem, but in our scenario here, we don't have physical access and it's very likely that his AP is closer and stronger than ours. Don't let this deter us!Creating an Invisible Rogue Access Point to Siphon Off Data UndetectedFirst, we can turn up the power on our access point in attempt to be stronger than his. Even next door, this may work as most access points automatically down regulate their power to the minimum necessary to maintain a connection to its clients. We can boost our AP to maximum power by typing;In some cases, even boosting power to 500 mWs may prove to be inadequate.iw reg set BO Now that we are in Bolivian regulatory domain, we can boost our power to its maximum by typing:

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