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  • I have a powerpoint presentation with custom animation (pictures fading in automatically and osrs goldmusic playing in the background) that I want to sent to people as a Slide Show to view but NOT allow them to change. There are no settings in PowerPoint to protect against edits and Microsoft's web site.

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    A very long time ago, back when computers were still rather new in the 90s, my parents bought me this computer program. It was a program that told scary stories, and some of them were kind of intense for children. I believe that the title was called scary stories for naughty children. I don't remember much about it but one of the stories was about a ghost creature that looked like a ghostly wolfs head. In this story it is mentioned that the creature ate the priest.

    Throw in the Bounty Hunter rewards and we just be back here next month brainstorming the "Castle Wars and Soul Wars reward redistribution".Much as I love it to work, it just doesn The way rewards are given out just has to be changed if we actually want close, competitive, rewarding, fun PvP, which is the only PvP worth having. But Jagex are just unwilling and unable to make the needed changes.

    I remember the month long wars for dominance in soul wars back when zeal was considered decent exp per hour. Sure one clan or fc would gain dominance for a several hours but then there members would log or more reinforcements would hop on and the balance of power would shift. Those closely fought matches where some of the best times I had playing rs.

    Adding decent rewards that already exist to minigames would have almost no development cost and basically no downside. Which is why I call it an experiment. If the decent rewards lead to more player interaction Jagex may actually update and improve minigames. If not they can pulle and add them as a wildy drops. Naked Man Arrested After Jumping On Moving Cars

    Check out some similar questions!Can anyone help me, I want to be able to ask him something without a massive aguement and needing to prove myself.How to prevent PowerPoint slide show viewers from editing the show [ 1 Answers ]What would be your recommendations for a computer program to keep your books, that can do quarterly reports and down load to computer programs to do estimated taxes.

    I was also wondering that if I save all my.Computer Program for New School [ 6 Answers ]I help run a new private school for dental assistants, and we are having to keep all of our information manually. How do I write a program to keep up with student information, grades, transcripts, payments etc. I don't know where to begin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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