And did I mention that stealth OSRS Gold now plays


    And did I mention that stealth OSRS Gold now plays a much larger role in getting around various groups of enemies than ever before Well, it does. Knowing that Uncharted  will have a much larger singleRunescape player gameplay component than the last game on the PS and will also feature a robust Runescape player coming from the team


    that helped shape the highly respected and critically acclaimed Runescape player from The Last of Us, it definitely sends goosebumps down the arm from all the anticipation and excitement.The only downside is that with Uncharted  delayed all the way into  it means that Sony is definitely going to need something to flesh out the 


    holiday season. Right now there doesn't appear to be any AAA exclusives that are on the horizon for Sony's system now that Uncharted  moved out of the slot, but I'm sure we'll get something concrete come E.At least with the delay of the Runescape game we know that the Runescape player should turn out fairly decent.Infamous


    Second Son Celebrates OneYear Anniversary With Sales osrs best skill for money and Freebies. Infamous Second Son is celebrating its first birthday this week, but gamers are getting all the gifts. Yesterday, Sucker Punch Productions unveiled a handful of party favors that will hit the net next weekend.In a post in the PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch founder



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