A couple weeks ago we had our OSRS gold highest

  • A couple weeks ago we had our OSRS gold highest peak concurrent user level for eight years, Mansell shows. In terms of subscription amounts, it's the highest for seven and a half a year. Those games are going through a real renaissance, and not only as a one off. We've had four years of constant growth today.


    RuneScape does not get as much press as a few of the other large online names. Mansell posits that its lack of Steam doesn't help. He states that the game will be sitting around fifth or sixth on the Steam most played games record, and he hopes to keep up the game's growth with the introduction of a mobile edition.


    The two RuneScape and Old School are in closed beta on mobile. We'll get a minumum of one of these out this past year. Old School is most likely to come , because it is a much simpler UX experience. Along with the technology is fundamentally simpler. They are testing really well.Mansell expects the mobile variations will expand RuneScape beyond its existing users, and pull lapsed players back in.


    We've had 260 million accounts how to make money in old school runescape in RuneScape's lifetime, and I read a good deal of comments on our YouTube videos of people saying,'I do not play anymore, but I still love watching these movies. While this happens on cellular I am coming back' And the reason is... they're not PC gamers anymore. They have not got so much time plus their lifestyles have changed.



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