Out before you OSRS Gold jump


    Out before you OSRS Gold jump down my throat about calling the Wii U's time of demise prematurely. I'm not saying the console is ?dead right this very minute.? I'm not saying that anyone wasted their money or doesn't have a handful of awesomelooking Runescape games still on the horizon. But if anyone is expecting any big future


    announcements concerning the console outside of Nintendo halting development completely, they're possibly delusional.Nintendo has been laying the groundwork for the Wii U's early funeral almost since the console launched. I could go on and on about the Big N not putting enough effort into the console, not enough being done to woo


    third party developers, and the almost criminal lack of any effort to make that unconventional controller feel like anything but a gimmick. But those types of stories have been popping up for years now and they haven't done a lick of good. We get it Nintendo thought they could ride the wave of the Wii's success and, when it didn't


    magically work out like that, they cut the cord in safe osrs gold buying record time and started working on the next console.Rumors that Nintendo was already developing the Wii U's successor have been circulating for a while now, which is never a good sign when a console is only a couple of years old. Earlier this year Nintendo execs finally made it official,



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