Is going to be OSRS gold one of the biggest


    Is going to be OSRS gold one of the biggest PC Runescape games in a long while or until Star Citizen's FPS and persistent universe modules go live. the Runescape game has texture and geometry assets that support up to K resolution and was recently showcased running at  locked frames per second. You haven't seen Runescape in action until you


    see it running at fps. Just gorgeous.I imagine Runescape will be the Runescape game that many gamers use for benchmarking purposes for years to come. That's a very influential community because that's how you move and sell PC hardware for enthusiasts. If a game benchmarks well assuming it's well optimized, then you're going to


    have a lot of people buying it to benchmark and a lot of people buying hardware based on those benchmarks. In the past, PC gamers used Crysis as a benchmark to determine whether or not specific hardware was worth the price of entry.Runescape could be a huge seller on PC, especially with how dedicated the modding community is.


    Hayssam Keilany is already planning to have go to our website an iCEnhancer primed and ready for Runescape, so that will be huge. Of course, gamers will need to have the Runescape game downloaded and installed when those first mods go live, so preloading is a good way to be a part of the first wave of community content that goes live on April th.



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