Had been set up OSRS Gold to the orchestra

  • Had been set up OSRS Gold to the orchestra performance the next night.As the opening ceremony beganI figured maybe this is all Then at the end of the opening ceremoniesthey increased the black drapes walling off the auditorium and in a massively dramatic show welcomed attendees into this fullblownout fantasy world It was as though the events team at Jagex built an amusement parkinterior of a convention centrefor one dayonly for fans of RuneScape. I had never seen anything


    like this before at a video game eventand I've been going to such sort of items for a decade now.The cadence of the day for attendees entailed watching different panels and demonstrations on the primary pointhanging out and doing different gamecentric challenges at the fantasy land installmentmingling with players and what seemed like an army of Jagex


     personneland heading upstairs to a enormous room setup with countless PCs to test out all of the new things that were announced at RuneFest. In ways it felt like a more romantic Blizzconand I never actually managed to figure out if everyone just knew everybody else or when the RuneScape playerbase was just that friendly Either waythe vibe was infectious and only


    pushed me deeper down the rabbit hole of RS gold falling head over heels for a  yearold .Relevant to me personally was a comprehensive demo area with plenty of devices setup showing the clients for RS and OSRS. Of coursethese aren't just sitting out in the openinsteadto perform the mobile




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