I definitely fall inside Maplestory 2 Mesos of

  • I definitely fall inside Maplestory 2 Mesos of that camp. I am super stressed to see where everyone else lands. The mobile client for RS is presently in beta, and OSRS is currently hitting the App Store and Google Play .I can't wait for this game to hit iOS, as I am playing with it on my Android device tethered to my iPhone... That just goes to show how bad my RuneScape obsession has become.


     I can't think of a time I've rocked two phones just to play a sport. My chief regret is currently taking this long to get into RunScape, but, as they sayBetter late than never.The games industry plays host to an superb cast of people, from artists and coders to storyline designers and studio heads.The skills to pull off these roles, but are complicated and differing


    with each position requiring command in its own field.As such, seeing a match come together is a beautiful thing like a mystery as an overall image becomes whole.To highlight some of these brilliant work that goes on behind the display, and assist others who might be eager to dive in, PocketGamer.biz has decided to reach out to the people who make up the games sector using our Jobs in Games series.


    This time, the spotlight is really on the buy Maplestory 2 Mesos narrative designer Sarah Longthorne of Fusebox. PocketGamer.Biz: Would you inform us about your current role and what it entails?Sarah Longthorne: I'm a narrative designer in Fusebox Games.My role involves working as part of a team of writers to develop and write the storylines. Being a choicebased visual novel




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