The summer begins with lots of Maplestory 2 events

  •     The minimum quantity of party members that may enter Ravana will probably be changed to just one.


    The summer begins with MapleStory 2 Mesos lots of events! Create a fresh character through the Breakthrough Override Event, and be given a special gift box because you level up between Lv. 140 - Lv. 200 and finished missions.

    Each Breakthrough Box contains useful items including Breakthrough Potions which supply you with an entire level the use of them soon!

     You can also earn reward boxes inside the TakeOver Event. Complete your mission per of four timed stages to get four different reward boxes every day.

    You can also collect Override Coins from MapleStory 2 Gold various events to waste at the Override Coin Shop.

    Then be prepared to reinvent yourself together with the Character Name Change event!