Star Wars: The story of the Knights of the Old Republic is fina

  • Two Star Wars from the beginning of the 21st century: The Old Republic RPG Knights are still one of the best Star Wars stories outside the movie. Although they look very outdated now, they provided a very fascinating and innovative idea. The game introduced many interesting characters and allowed the player to explore the light or dark side and have the right to choose whether to become a Hypocritical Jedi is still a vicious Sith. In addition, the game has opened the free mode, although you may need SWTOR Credits  in the process, but this can be solved.

    Sadly, the subtitle of the second game was that the Sith Lord was in a hurry at the final stage of development, which led to a very sudden ending (although a fan patch restored a large portion of the cut). After that, it seems that the Cavaliers of the Old Republic 3 are not like this. We did launch the online multiplayer game "Old Republic", but everyone thought that although it was fun, it was not a sequel to the players. But the good news is that now, the legendary RPG writer Chris Avellone provides us with a sequel, so let's look forward to it. Before that, players can browse the official website and choose SWTOR Credits Buy to better adapt to the game after the new sequel is released.

    According to Avellone, he created a new story show, the third time into the series, which will understand the player character of the ancient Sith Lord's appearance. Our players will see all kinds of planets under the control of Sith and see for themselves what the consequences of their bad influences can be.

    As the game progresses, we will learn more about their two main aspects, philosophy and power. From the first two items of the franchise, we have two ways to solve it, either turning to the dark side and taking power for our own interests, or eliminating them and restoring order management to the galaxy.

    But unfortunately, despite reports that Bioware wants to make another Star Wars: the Cavaliers of the Old Republic, EA has stated that this has not been achieved. But maybe we can continue to look forward to the future. . .