About the 'Madden 20' cover athlete: The best candidate is expe

  • In fact, we have a few months from the official announcement of the Madden 20 cover athletes, and we can speculate on it.

    It is understood that EA has been similar to the trend of the past 10 years. If publishers and developers adhere to the original model, it may be time for defensive players to be recognized. Obviously, since the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis won the cover of 2005 Madden in 2004, a defensive player has entered the cover every five years.

    After Ray Lewis, the next defensive player we saw was the Troy Polamaru of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009 and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals on Madden 10 Shared the cover. After him, we saw the next defensive player on the cover in 2014. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is the cover of Madden in 2015.

    Having said that, if EA does not change its inherent mode, this is the two best choices for defensive players.

    Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears, Edge Rusher

    I don't know if you realized that there was never a member of the Chicago Bears on Madden's cover? Not even the legendary version of Walter Payton. Brian Urlacher was not recognized during the heyday of the mid-2000s. Perhaps these years and stars have been consistent with the top guards of the Bears season.

    After the Bears and Oakland Raiders made a heavy trade and won Mack, the four professional boxers and the 2016 Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year received a bonus. He performed well in the first week against the Green Bay Packers and continued to dominate the season. This is worthy of recognition.

    He ended the tournament with 12.5 kills and 6 turnovers. The biggest reason for the Bears to get the NFL's best defense in 2018 is Mack. So he will also be the best choice for the cover of Madden 20.

    Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams, defensive Tackle

    This season, Mack played for the Bears and he didn't win DPOTY in 2018. The second year of this honor belongs to the Donald's Donald. There has never been an inside line on the cover of Madden, and this is the first time it has appeared.

    Donald is probably the best defensive player in the league, even though the Mack fans of the Bears don't think so, they argue for Mack. Last season, Donald brought great results to the Rams and made him a hottest player in the NFL world. The last and only player on the cover is Rams, who won the RB Marshall Faulk for Madden 2003 in 2002.

    This shows that if Donald is in second place, no one can be ranked first, this is indisputable.

    The EA can change some rules with these conditions. If they choose to change the game and play against the offensive players, then two very young players can stand out.

    Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, QB

    With its unique style and substance, the Emirates Mahomes quickly became one of the NFL's most popular players. Mahomes will teach the young generation of Madden fans like all the players and encourage them, which is a good reason to give him a cover.

    As a 23-year-old second-year player, Mahomes shot a stunning 5,087 yards and NFL leading 50 TD passes. Throw some passes that don't look, yes, no one will complain if he is on the cover. This should also give him a cover in Madden.

    Saquon Barkley, New York Giants, RB

    Just a year later, the Giants' Barkley confirmed to many fans that he is the best running back in the league. The Rams have a great Dallas Cowboys team in Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliott, but Barkley is talking. As a rookie of an offensive team, Barkley ran 1,307 yards, grabbed 721 yards for 91 passes, and scored a total of 15.

    He is the main force of the Giants' offense. Barkley wants to be stronger and should only happen if he stays healthy for the second season. As a rookie, he also occupied a prominent position in the pre-release footage of Madden 19, so it seems that he has a relationship with EA.

    The cover announcement last year was announced in July. This year may also be this time. stay tuned!


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