SWTOR: Rakghul event is in the starting blocks

  • The dangerous rakghule may soon spread terror and chaos in SWTOR. Community Production Specialist Courtney Woods reported strange animal attacks on the planet Alderaan. An investigation of the unusual attacks is already in full swing. As soon as SWTOR Credits more information is available, we will be informed. This statement probably points to the Rakghul event, which should go live soon.

    When exactly the event starts is not yet confirmed. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days, and you may get more clues about the rakghul plague. At the latest at the start of the event, you should provide specific information on the raids of the rakghule on the fleet of your group. Until then you can spend your time in the SWTOR Credits for sale new space battles - at least if you are a subscriber.

    And with Patch 2.5.2, which will be released on January 14, 2014, even the most favored players will be able to plunge into the space battles. The forum entry of the employee of Electronic Arts can be found in the official forum of SWTOR.