Final Fantasy 11: Maintenance mode for PC version, console capt

  • In May 2002, Final Fantasy XI initially appeared only in Japan. I did not want to wait for the western release and then imported the game in the Japanese version. Vana'diel enchanted me from the first moment and was a beautiful, but also a damn inhospitable FFXIV Gil world. Alone one had no chance against most monsters, the player's death was acknowledged with experience penalties and step descent. Teamplay was absolutely necessary.

    Thanks to the great translation tool that made it easy to see all the important phrases and terms in the native language of your fellow players, I got in touch with the Japanese community. There it was considered rude to simply inspect the characters of his teammates.

    It was also impolite to leave a group of players without FF14 Gil finding a substitute player. And who had not mastered his role in the group, did not fly out, but got helpful advice and was usually treated very friendly and patient.