SWTOR: Changes to combat mechanics +++ Readers' news from Nexil

  • Announcing an extension is usually a source of joy for MMORPG fans. In addition to the expansion of content addons are often accompanied by an increase in the levelcaps; and that often means the devaluation of SWTOR Credits content: The instances you have recently visited as an endgame player, are worth after a short time only as a stopover for heroes on the way to the maximum level.

    Bioware wants to go another way with SoR, and is giving the players an adaptation of their character traits. Current level 55 heroes will be significantly weaker with the appearance of the expansion, and only by the rise to level 60 back to old strength.

    In a way, this is a variant of the item squeeze known from SWTOR Credits Buy WoW. As a result, current level 55 content will remain challenging for heroes at the new maximum level of 60.