Path of Exile: The Patch Notes to the Betrayal League - Comfort

  • The skill Eisspeer now fires projectiles in quick succession, but no longer pierces enemies at short range, but only in the POE Currency second phase. In this second phase, the fired ice spears also move 300 percent faster and have an increased critical hit multiplier.

    The Melee Attack Tectonic Strike now deals 60% more damage with boosted strikes (which have previously consumed a resistance charge). These charged beats are now only 35 percent likely to be used, and then consume a resistance charge as before. So far, the probability was 100 percent.

    You can find the complete patch notes in german version on the POE Items official site - we have presented some highlights to you. On the 7th of December you can start in Betrayal! More info is available on our Path of Exile topic page.