The Old Republic Collector’s Edition Plus Beta Weekend Info

  • Using a Jedi mind-trick, Bioware has officially announced the Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Edition in sunny San Diego. It was previously outed every time a listing was posted on GameStop’s website, pinning a hefty $150 cost on the SWTOR Credits for sale special set.

    Adding onto these perks are GameStop exclusive bonuses. They add a “colour stone” to change your lightsaber’s colour (which includes also been recently discovered over a Polish retailer’s listing) and early access. Very tempting unsurprisingly, while we don’t understand how early big spenders will likely be able to enter, or the overall game’s release date.


    In addition for SWTOR Credits this news, Bioware also has announced upcoming beta testing weekends for the overall game. Starting in September, selected participants are going to be able to test out the action for the Edmonton-based developer.