New graphics features from Madden 19

  • Complaints about missing players, missing teams, missing coins, and missing collectibles have already been abundant, but I in this way approach from EA. It provides for us a new game, new challenge, and puts everyone on equal footing to get a new year: as Madden NFL Overdrive Coins with all real sports league. Not to mention they gave users a good amount of advanced notice and constant reminders in the past couple months.

    The biggest change is on offense you'll be able to now play because Running Back or Receivers on passing plays, running your own personal route and calling with the ball. It allows the game to get a much more fun and dynamic, but takes getting used to, and personally, I still prefer to get the QB on passing plays and RB on running plays 99% from the Madden Mobile Coins time.

    The game itself is largely unchanged. Mostly the identical mechanics, same plays, same play picking layout, just with UI items spruced up somewhat.