Josh Allen's Madden 19 rating revealed | Where does his throw p

  • By now, all Buffalo Bills fans often hear about Josh Allen's arm strength. Analysts gushed about Allen's arm and ability to generate throws that some NFL quarterbacks just cannot make over the draft process.

    In the spring, Allen displayed his arm in front from the Madden Overdrive Coins media during OTAs and minicamp. His arm lived up on the hype as balls appeared to whistle away from his hand.

    The only public complaint on the Eagles group of followers was Wentz’s overall. I mean, is Wentz an 85 having a torn ACL or what? We would expect him to become somewhere around the 90 range since he had an MVP caliber season before his unfortunate injury. We’re sure when Wentz returns though, EA Sports should have no choice but to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins upgrade Wentz after he shows his improvement from year two. He isn’t even cleared to try out yet, and his awesome game is evidently improving around the field.