Square Enix's second Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest was filled with

  • But there is one big snafu that just about everyone who attendees agrees needs fixing the next occasion -- the item line. Not only was the queue snaking throughout the entire event for the FFXIV Gil  start (mostly folks who wanted the coveted lore book, which has been unceremoniously announced as available a couple of days later after it sold-out), nonetheless it was also poorly managed.


    Square Enix opted to employ an outside vendor for staffing this season instead of relying upon fans, plus it didn't work out so well, especially for that merchandise portion.

    Not only did the queue get cut off at the certain point after people was waiting for a long time, however some folks weren't even told -- leading the crooks to Buy FFXIV Gil wait in the concepts essentially a defunct line to have an hour or maybe more. Tickets got out for priority spots for your next day, but that wasn't perfectly organized either. In the end, a lot of people waited and had absolutely nothing to show correctly.