Final Fantasy XIV: Dungeon Guide - Dzemael Festivals

  • Your main task in this dungeon is to enter the Magiteck Protective Fields and disable them. This frees up spaces and paths that lead you further through the dungeon or open optional paths with treasure chests. Stand in the blue area until it disappears and you are allowed to Buy FFXIV Gil move on.

    You'll notice the blue / purple glowing crystals / bottoms, these are a protective surface against the flying eye. Because this affects an attack that deducts you around the 1000 LP, this attack is however reduced in the crystal surface by about 90%. She also removes the boss's invulnerability buff. This only works in the bossarea.

    The boss has to be fueled on one of the  FFXIV Gil active crystal surfaces, as mentioned earlier, but the boss must be in the area himself otherwise he is still immune to attacks. He will often call Adds aside, they have priority!