Final Fantasy XIV Online

  • On announcement, Final Fantasy XIV was met with equal parts confusion and trepidation. For those that had not played Final Fantasy XI, that it was an aberration in the series which had been otherwise progressively more streamlined and approachable. For Final Fantasy XIV Gil people that had, it turned out either seen with disgust or excitement – another MMO from a corporation that eschewed ease-of-use for deeper gameplay and also a full-on grinding, old-school style.

    Before you'll begin, the identical obtuse sign-up process dominates the knowledge. You need to register a Square Enix account using one key and register FFXIV to your account using another. From there, you need to add a payment method: either 'Crysta,' a weird micro-transaction currency, or Clickandbuy, an existing bugbear on the FFXIV Gil internet. The initial expense is 1000 Crysta, which breaks down to as either $10, £10 or €10.

    After paying for your initial service – which actually won't enable you to play the experience – you should buy character slots. These determine at 300 Crysta per slot. Once you invest in a slot – of which you'll be able to buy 8, and that you won't pay for to the first month – you are prepared to log on.