Final Fantasy's Behemoth isn't screwing around in Monster Hunte

  • The Final Fantasy XIV x Monster Hunter: World crossover event is virtually underway.

    Over the weekend, Capcom shared its first good look with the Behemoth quest going to World on August 1. It's created for players at Hunter Rank 16 or more, just as soon as the update is live, it'll "always be around." You'll have 35 minutes to Buy FFXIV Gil complete hunting and hopefully not get blown up by meteors.

    The Behemoth hunt begins for the 30:30 mark from the video. It's more intricate than I was expecting.

    There's a full-on aggro mechanic complete having a visible red line to indicate which player has targeted, and Behemoth has some one-hit-knockout nastiness within the form of Final Fantasy XIV Gil Ecliptic Meteor. The meteor's impact is devastating, so you should quickly seek shelter behind fallen comets to prevent wiping.