Path of Exile PS4 Interview – PS4 Pro Enhancements, Microtrans

  • Path of Exile has garnered a huge audience as one with the top looter action-RPGs over time, something which developers Grinding Gear Games been employed very hard lets start work on constant content updates, fair monetization methods, and most of the POE Currency , the fact it’s a no cost-to-play game.


    Recently, it absolutely was announced that Path of Exile could be launching later this year around the PS4 (now delayed to February 2019), plus anticipation of this release, we sent across a number of our questions about the action to Grinding Gear Games’ co-founder Chris Wilson. Read on below.

    "We want Path of Exile players to Buy POE Currency have the whole experience on all platforms, no matter whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One."