Patch 4.2 coming later this month for Final Fantasy XIV, will h

  • A new number of trials is confirmed, concentrating on "The Four Lords" -- Jade Stoa and Byakko have already been highlighted, which draw on the lore of Chinese constellations. Ninja, Red Mage, Bard, Dragoon, and Samurai aren't getting any real changes, but tanks are receiving shaken within the most as Dark Knights and Warriors are becoming buffs, and Paladins increasingly becoming damage nerfs. A hard remake of The Fractal Continuum dungeon is on FFXIV Gil way, along with the all-new Hells' Lid. A Crystal Tower Training Grounds PVP map is also within the pipeline.

    Perhaps one from the biggest shakeups is housing. Six new wards will be added to each area, that may be purchased on week after 4.2, allotted to Free Companies (guilds) first with specific plots. Then personal housing arrive "with a later date," using the restriction of a single private then one Free Company estate per world, per service account.


    That's a pretty huge turn to circumvent hardcore gil farmers from Final Fantasy XIV Gil buying up entire wards. To prevent controversy, a whole new housing website has built to explain the whole situation so people know what's up.