Final Fantasy XIV Gets Flying Mounts in Heavensward Expansion 2

  • And those new jobs? Well, they're something. I thought the insufficient tank and healer additions will make the meta just a little stale, but that couldn't be further away from the truth. Red Mage is one with the most active classes I've played in an MMO, along with the Samurai has already been finding his way into my number of possible raid-alts. I've had my share of melee DPS having played like a Dragoon from the majority of 2.0, though the Samurai will pose a different challenge for anyone bored in the current routine.

    The changes on the combat system are also wonderful. Animations have already been greatly improved (especially in relation to Buy FFXIV Gil making each class feel different), as well as the removal of attribute points streamlines the leveling process. Accuracy may be reworked in the "direct hit" system, which presently has a baseline of 100% "to hit," raised with this stat to raise damage. You can block or parry from side or back attacks now, and blocks can deflect magic damage. It's just a great deal of ancillary stuff now is likely to make sense for the common player, and a whole new meta to function on for veterans.

    Most importantly cross-class skills can even make sense now. Instead of the need to choose between a few amazing abilities and 10 other junky ones, you now actually have to generate decisions on the your build really wants to be.At