Final Fantasy 14 Director Apologizes For Server Issues Ahead Of

  • We apologize with the inconvenience, but as being the queue to sign in is functioning steadily, you will likely be able to login quicker if you still wait rather then cancelling your queue."

    Yoshida noted that, during peak times, these queues may range from 1,000 in order to 5,000 players. Square Enix is exploring approaches to Buy FFXIV Gil resolve your situation but is encouraging players to take into account transferring to an alternative World.

    "We are continuing to evaluate and work with ways we can easily increase the amount of players that have the ability to log in minus the World crashing," he stated. "However, since this requires extremely precise adjustments, right now we need a little more time. "I am terribly sorry, but because we have New World and World Population Balancing Incentives on the Final Fantasy XIV Gil moment, we will also appreciate if you may please consider utilizing the World Transfer service."