Runescape Behind the Scenes April 2015 2

  • Vic the trader (free and members)    Vic the Trader is in April, opening his shop up for any individual willing to trade within their bonus XP for most cool loot. He’s got lots from the items you probably have missed from treasure hunter like skill outfits and golem parts, or you'll be able to simply trade your bonus XP legitimate lamps. We’ve made some changes for the exchange rates too, driving them to even more generous in places, and added several new what to Buy OSRS Gold , just like the great little mimic pet. Vic will simply be here to get a short amount of time, so visit him when you receive the chance!

     Event Tools Update (free and members)    It’s fun to pay some time wasting XP and playing around with the favourite J-mods, but our old rotten potato tool wasn’t really giving us all of the tools we wanted to receive the most out of the super J-mod powers. The DEVCOM team has were fix it, so that it is far less rotten and many more awesome.


    In fact we’ve even added a couple of new methods to allow you to skill n’ chill. How do you fancy lodestones that let you receive to in which the party’s at, straight through the world map? How about we place a couple of World Event style skilling nodes in RuneScape Gold your case, to get a range of XP when you hang about asking them questions? As you might have seen around the RuneScape TV stream a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been building result-oriented event tools too, which means you month you’ll be capable of join a particular J-mod run version of world event 1, playing faction based safe PvP for that honour of one's favourite god, fighting or gathering for victory!