RuneScapes big 2016 plans provide an expansion and graphics upg

  • RuneScape provides extensive years under its belt, and a lot of content under its hood. In fact, it’s 15 with the former, and there’s no chance I can possibly list another succinctly — avoid nearly weekly updates! And the overall game doesn't have purpose of reducing, either. Plenty of new submissions are coming with all the coming year. I sat down with devs inside special RuneScape 15th anniversary event from the UK yesterday to Buy RuneScape Gold understand in what the future holds.


    Lead Designer Dave Osborne shared what he generally known as “evil master plan,” which included the upcoming mobile and CCG games  combined with plenty of new content from the primary MMO together with old school version. Here’s the lowdown the MMO fans will want to look forward to inside the coming months.   

    Warcraft servers, when I weren't dedicated to Runescape for OSRS Gold a long time there's every chance I'm from touch. Are you an Old School Runescape player? Tell me all your other worries about a brand-new continent crawling in the sea.