New Way To Pick Up Prizes Buried Treasure

  • Runescape player attention: Buried Treasure can be a new method to pick up prizes in Treasure Hunter. Interested? Excited? Now, we are going to Buy RuneScape Gold tell you some details to becoming hunting for Buried Treasure.  Buried Treasure will begin from 00:00 Game Time on 10th May until 23:59 Game Time on 15th May    

    In this activity, your Treasure Hunter interface is going to be transformed right into a grid-based map, and you should open chests by simply clicking squares inside.    Each square contains at the very least a normal chest, but 6 per grid will include a special chest, containing a trove of four years old or 5 prizes.

    These also come in four types, which may contain several types of items as well as the amount left to get on your grid is going to be displayed in the side from the OSRS Gold interface.   1. Experience Chest contains Meteorites, Lava lanterns, Smouldering lamps, Hydra lamps, Celebration lamps and Prismatic lamps/stars.   2. Protean Chest contains Protean bars, Protean hides, Protean traps, Protean memories, Protean cogs, Protean planks, Protean logs and Protean packs (s/m/l).   3. Skilling Chest contains Springs, Spirit gems, Portable packs, Dungeoneering tokens, Skilling dummy packs, Combat dummy packs, Pulse cores, Silverhawk feathers and Magic notepaper.     4.Antique Chest contains Gold coins, Pulse cores, Prismatic lamps/stars, Dragon ceremonial outfit*, Queen's guard outfit*, Wicked Hood teleports and D&D tokens.