A new betray in RuneScape and Be careful

  • Hi RuneScape Fans,Just absolution all of you apperceive in regards to new betray that's active the rounds:
    1, Scammer 1 gives you 200M plus a Juju Teleport bag for the giveaway, asks someone to hop worlds and chase him.
    2, Scammer 2 lets you know that Scammer 1 is aboveboard aggravating to betray you, but in case you are able it is possible to anti him. Proceeds to Buy RuneScape Gold acquaint you he took money from Scammer 1, didn't bang the Juju Teleport Bag, and accordingly managed to build up his items and also got 200M. Advises someone to go forth in what he says but to NOT bang around the Juju bag mainly because it will teleport you abroad from a items.
    3, Scammer 1 takes you towards the cages in Varrock, breadth he can acquaint someone to go to the cage (via pick-pocketing the guard), bead your items, and accomplish abiding you accept 28 account slots free. If you ask Scammer 2 in regards to the cage, he'll almost certainly say you are able to just telegrab the alone items if Scammer 1 gets within the OSRS Gold cage.
    4, If you bead your items within the cage, get out in the cage, and barter Scammer 1, Scammer 2 will magically arise from the cage afterwards world-hopping and you will be clumsy to have your items. If JMODs would just like the names of those two users I can provide.