I acquire why I get attacked 1

  • 99% with the time you're a jackass. I'm not in general seeing what sort of 1% in the time you literally get something even accidentally admired makes up correctly.

    People don't PK for the OSRS Gold money, of course, if they do, they're accomplishing it wrong. Even when you occasionally have a big drop, you can find far added constant money authoritative methods within the bold that do not absorb spending too much time searching for someone to annihilate abandoned to acquire at best a aristocratic set 9 outside of 10 times.You can say humans PK for given that they acquisition the competitiveness fun...

    Except for that actuality the humans they PK aren't there to compete. They're not affronted back, they're aggravating to leave.This isn't a aggressive environment, this is really a bloodthirsty environment, and it also's baby admiration the wilderness breeds so abundant toxicity.

    At atomic on OSRS there's affluence of RuneScape Gold accident fights and absolute PvP traveling on, on RS3 things like this are about exceptional of.The wilderness because it currently sits needs being done abroad with and substituted with something that literally encourages aggressive PvP, not some antic cat-and-mouse arrangement breadth slayers and skillers are affected to test and escape PKers, about for a astringent disadvantage by selling point of accepting beneath annual slots available.