​Individual accounts a botheration for mobile 2

  • When I next relaunch the app, the app will bang anon aloft announcement the login screen. It doesn't bulk whether I chose just to save my login abstracts in the antecedent advance you aren't, because of this point within the bold will consistently bang afore I get an befalling to Buy OSRS Gold admission or change any argument inside the boxes. This bearings can alone be rectified by deleting RuneScape's abstracts and accumulation on the Android settings.#2 F2P Annual (AKA "Mr Pob")This annual can auspiciously log-in towards the lobby, and may calmly break there. The annual aswell has a authenticator, just as the Affiliate Account.

    I can calmly use any/all appearance on the antechamber with this particular account. I can admission and change the choices settings, I can appearance the apple list, I can forward and recieve letters to/from in-game accounts. I can log-out, and log-in as abounding times as I like plus the app charcoal abiding and solid.

    I can abutting and relauch the app, plus the app charcoal abiding and allows me to RuneScape Gold log-in again, independant of whether I abundance the login abstracts you aren't.

    The alone affair I cannot do is accompany a new: wanting to do so is really a bright attempt, but armament the antechamber to reload which has a bulletin advertence that alone associates can participate from the beta; this can be accepted and fine.