Jagex Announces Runescape 3 for Summer 2013 3

  • They are extremely hyping the technological improvements of Runescape 3, noting that they will probably be operating using a new fully HTML5 engine that enables for improved graphics, better draw distances, improved audio, and other things that truly mean it’ll be prettier. So far, Mansell describing Runescape 3 as OSRS Gold a possible update sounds pretty much right, and currently this sounds less like Runescape 3 and even more like Runescape 1.3 as almost all their current statements appear to revolve around how nice it is going to look.


    For now, they may be being fairly quiet concerning the specifics of Runescape 3, thus it is likely that the upgrades are going to be more massive and a lot reaching in scope. They are teasing that “massive changes” will occur to the sport world likewise, but we'll have to watch for future updates to discover what exactly that details. Jagex promises more updates from the upcoming weeks, therefore we’ll help you stay posted as increasing numbers of details emerge.

     Rune comes with a combo-heavy combat system of RuneScape Gold light and high attacks where movement affects the direction of attacks. For example, moving left will spot you swing your sword right-to-left, but rightwards movement changes it from left-to-right. Strafing around and leveraging your movement is the vital thing to defeating enemies because standing still will just ensure you get killed. Enemies in Rune are brutal and won't hesitate to surround and overwhelm it is best to you stay still.